Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Blog Entry & Moving!

My very first Blog Post! Annnd I have no idea where to start! Lets see - I have been following a few of my friends' blogs and it seems like a great way to share your life with the ones you love and I guess there is no better time for me to start than now! Within the next coming weeks I will be slowly saying goodbye to my San Francisco life and saying hello to a new beginning in Portland with my very sweet, funny, handsome, airplane loving boyfriend, The Pilot (Yes, I'm hoping his nickname catches on just like The Pioneer Woman did with Marlboro Man). Anyway, the idea for my blog is to share all of my new adventures with you so I hope you enjoy. 

Tomorrow is a big day, The Pilot and I get the keys to our very first apartment together! It's kind of a big step and I couldn't be more excited about it. We will be moving into a high rise apartment in downtown Portland just a few blocks away from the water. We have an amazing view on the 15th floor and all the cool amenities that I never had in San Francisco... such as a deck, washer and dryers, dishwasher, pool, hot tub and so on! Pretty excited about all these upgrades but even more excited to start my life with The Pilot! I will leave you with a few pictures of a model unit we checked out a few months ago. 

The View

The Kitchen

The Front Room



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  1. I AM SO EXCITED about all of this! Love you so much so sad that you are moving, but mostly really really excited for all of your new adventures, it's going to be amazing and I am so happy that I can now share them with you on your blog! Love you and your darling Pilot so very much!