Sunday, September 11, 2011

Festa Italiana, Shopping and Acting Like Kids

It has been quite the busy summer here and I have had no time to blog! =) With that said, I will do my best with summing up what we've been up to the past few weeks.

Festa Italiana! 

A few weeks ago we had 16 of our friends visit us in Portland to celebrate Festa Italiana and we had such a blast. We spent the evenings downtown enjoying food from local Italian restaurants. They also had music, dancing, and not to forget, vino (a lot of it)! Since the weather was soo gorgeous we also spent a day poolside BBQing and soaking up the sun at The Pilot's parent's house, which they so graciously let us use. I absolutely love getting together with this group of people, there is never a dull moment!

Festa Italia at Pioneer Courthouse 


There has also been A LOT of shopping going on this summer for both home goods and wardrobe goods. Here are a few of my favorite buys....

New coat hanger, umbrella holder and fall leaves. 
I would say we are ready for that Portland rain.

New boots from H&M (only $60) and my new black heels are from Nordstrom.

Exploring Portland and Acting Like Kids...

And lastly, The Pilot and I managed to squeeze in some fun time on our own.... See below =)

Road trip to the Oregon coast - Seaside, Or.

 Having way too much fun at the arcade! 

Exploring Portland

 "Big Pink" building is where I'll soon be working. 
Props to The Pilot for the creative photo.

Hope you all are doing great! Until next time... 



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